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About Us
Savi.co.uk are traditional estate agents operating out of premises in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Whilst we still operate out of our premises in Hitchin, we have turned our attentions to developing technologies that will help local estate agents sell more of their property stock and change the way modern day estate agency is viewed.

Property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla have influenced the marketing behaviour of many estate agents and whilst they have an important role to play, they should not be the only consideration for estate agents. There is of course newspaper advertising coupled with the fact that estate agents are typically located in prominent positions on the high street where the footfall is considered high however, it is impossible to measure this type of marketing and therefore impossible to measure its effectiveness.

If the property portals, newspaper advertising, high street location and the for sale boards fail to produce a buyer for your property then what else can your estate agent do in order to stimulate interest in your property.

Price Reduction

Having exhausted all of the marketing options available to an estate agent, they will often suggest that you reduce the marketing price of the property in order to generate further interest. Whilst there may be a number of reasons to justify this as the best course of action, I can’t help wondering if this has more to do with an estate agent who has run out of ideas.

Some estate agents rely too heavily on property portals and newspaper advertising which is a very reactive approach to selling a property and requires the least amount of effort. This isn’t to say that there isn’t a place for property portals and newspaper advertising in modern day estate agency but they should not be relied upon as the only type of marketing for your property. In our view, a price reduction should be a last resort and not used as an alternative to trying other marketing ideas.

There are thousands of properties listed for sale in the home counties of Herts, Beds and Bucks and when you consider that 75% of people move within a 4 mile radius of where they currently live, the buyer of your property is most certainly the owner of one of these properties. In fact, the buyer of your property could be closer than you think and may have already shortlisted your property for consideration. A premature price reduction will do nothing to change that.

A proactive form of marketing would be to register as many people in your area with a property to sell as possible. Whilst we can’t target the smaller number people that don’t have a property to sell, we can certainly set our sights on registering those people who do have a property to sell and will likely be buying another.

You might think that this sounds like a common sense approach to finding a buyer for your property and you’d be right however, until now it proved too labour intensive and too expensive for it to be worthy of any serious consideration. In our view, this isn’t an acceptable reason for not doing what traditional estate agents have always done which is to register and qualify as many potential buyers as possible. It is for this reason that we spent the last 3 years developing our patent pending applicant mapping technology and we are delighted to be able to launch this onto the market.

Applicant Mapping

Applicant mapping is the method of identifying the buying requirements of every applicant / potential buyer we register regardless of who the marketing agent is and in doing so, we map everybody according to their position in the property chain. The following image might make the applicant mapping process easier to understand.

Note: The applicant used in this example is entirely fictitious.

You will see from the example above that we have registered an applicant by the name of Mr Ken Brown who has a property to sell at 45 Cainhoe in Bedfordshire. The property that Mr Brown is selling is shown in the round shaped house image in the centre of the property chain. You will also notice that we have a lower chain (in red) and an upper chain (in blue). There is a chain represented for every buyer we have registered who is interested in your property but for the purposes of this example, we are showing you just one property chain.

You will notice from the red chain link to the left of the round shaped house image that the potential buyer for Mr Browns property is a lady by the name of Mrs S*** who also has a property to sell. You will also see that we have mapped potential buyers to the property that Mrs S*** is selling. Furthermore, you will also see that we have identified which properties Mr Brown might be interested in and we are showing this information in the upper part of the chain.

Only by registering as many potential buyers as possible can an estate agent claim they have done all they can to find a buyer for your property.

Please register your details by clicking here and see who your potential buyers are.